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55 Grafton Square, Clapham Old Town, London, SW4 0DE

Tel: 0207 498 0319

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  • What we do

    Each day we strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment to help the children learn through fun and play.

    We have a different topic every term and each week we have a ‘letter of the week’.  The children love to bring different objects in from home beginning with this letter.  The day starts with an optional activity or free play. When everyone has arrived and registered their name on the magnetic board, we have circle time, either introducing the topic and letter for that week, singing with the piano and instruments, rhyme time, role play or show and tell.  Then we split into our groups with our teachers and look at numbers, sounds, craft or cooking.  There are so many different age appropriate activities to choose from our shelves too.  After a healthy snack for break it is story time and then it could be fun with dancing, Playball or just a big messy craft.  We keep busy with lots of free play in the garden or with our IT equipment, Play-Doh, free painting and collage.  Sometimes we welcome a visitor, go on an outing or on other days we round off the morning with a game.


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